Program Objective

To break the boundary norms of thinking and to continuously excel in one’s career.

What You Will Learn

This constructive program provides systematic approaches for a continuous professional growth within the organization and the individual. The heightened levels and elements of development are endless and are positively value-added benefits for both short- and long-term goals. This is a rewarding experience that allows you to envision your true career pathway with the right direction and guidance bringing you to another level of professionalism.

Topics Covered

✓ Creating awareness and clarity to the concept of continuous development
✓ Understanding the benefits of continuous development within the organisation
✓ Identifying pathways within the profession
✓ Comprehending the different between Initial Professional Development (IPD) & Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
✓ Guidance towards Professional Registration
✓ Executing Professional Code of Conduct & Ethics
✓ Complimentary Executive Coaching