Program Objective

To learn how to Embrace, Enact, and Evolve as an influential professional leader with a continuous initiative for Self-Improvement and Career Development.

What You Will Learn

This uniquely structured program provokes intra and inner transformation taking you outside of your cloud to understand the challenging paradox within. It incorporates multiple intelligence, growth and a holistic mind-set for higher Personal Leadership and Career Excellence. From Self-Actualization pathways to Effective Psychological models, the program enhances your full potential.

Topics Covered

✓ Awareness before Change: “The Wheel of Life”
✓ Unveiling “Unconscious Incompetence” Syndrome
✓ Identifying & Applying Multiple Intelligence Effectively
✓ Successful Pathways to Self-Actualisation
✓ Psychological Models to optimise your full potential
✓ Clarity in Work Life Balance
✓ Restructuring Self Continuous Professional Development
✓ Undertaking Challenges and Creating Sustainable Goals
✓ Discovering your True North – Y.O.U
✓ Complimentary Executive Coaching