Why Are We Different?

This interactive program is specifically conducted in multiple environment settings (a sail boat, eco resort,

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mountain) where the dynamics within a team are analysed, understood and enriched. It is an insightful experience cultivating essential skills covering communication, teamwork and leadership. Within this unique setting, your untapped potential is discovered wherein behavioural qualities, strengths and opportunities are identified and reinforced.

Topics Covered

✓ Instilling effective team players within challenging environments
✓ Develop trust & confidence within the team
✓ Become a positive contributor & catalyst for change
✓ Instil courage to lead in the face of difficulties
✓ Conflict resolution through communication
✓ To be psychologically rooted into a team spirit mind-set
✓ Build self-discipline, teamwork and tolerance
✓ Enhancing decision making capabilities (getting out of comfort zone)
✓ Harnessing your inner potential